emery myers

Bio: I am an artist and writer at heart...I enjoy all types of art, whether good or bad! I love Bob Marley, The Beatles, KoRn, HellYeah, Metal, Rock, Reggae, Classical...it's all art! I am also a Registered Nurse with many years of experience in all healthcare settings. I have seen many births and many deaths...I have also seen everything in between! I truly am a family man first...adoring every moment with my beautiful wife and children...secondly, I am, an artist, conversationalist, Marine Corps veteran of Desert Storm, and genuinely interested in helping advance the human race if even in the smallest way. We have to change in order to evolve. Our planet cannot sustain us at our current level of ignorance and total lack of empathy. Knowledge is power...and freedom! "One Love" ~Bob Marley~

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