DON’T JUDGE Yest Ye Be Judged or something like that. written by Emery Myers

It’s my beliefs not yours. Don’t Judge before judging yourself.

Don’t Judge My Personal Beliefs and My First Amendment Rights!

Written by Emery Myers

May 5, 2014

Bob Marley Judgement
Bob Marley was a man of peace and love. I echo his very wise words. Image courtesy of Google Images.

First, I would like to start by stating, I HAVEN’T MADE ANY MONEY OFF THIS BLOG. I have not received a single dime and I don’t plan on making any money from this blog. I have paid more than I will make. Bloggers don’t make a lot of money unless they are very established, and even then, it’s usually not a “lot” of money. I am not writing stories for anymore than entertainment, self-expression and my right to exercise the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which I paid to defend in blood, sweat and tears.

Secondly, I am very passionate about certain subjects. Many of the subjects I have written about…

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