Physician and Licensed Nurse Driven Health Organizations Supporting Immediate Legal Access to Medical Marijuana.

Major Health Organizations Endorse Medical Marijuana for appropriate patients NOW! Nurses and Physicians overwhelmingly support legalization and rescheduling this medicine! We enjoy your company...Keep coming back!


Health Organizations Supporting Immediate Legal Access to Medical Marijuana. 21 states plus Washington D.C. have enacted medical marijuana bills to date.

April 27,2014

Below is a list of some of the most prestigious health organizations and their endorsements for medical marijuana. Why doesn’t the U.S. Government listen to the majority and to the specialists; The doctors, nurses, scientists and patients.

AIDS Action Council AIDS Action Council “AIDS Action Council supports the elimination of federal restrictions that bar doctors from prescribing marijuana for medical use by individuals with HIV/AIDS. … AIDS Action Council supports reopening the U.S. Public Health Service’s Investigational New Drug Compassionate Access program to provide access to medical-use marijuana for greater numbers of qualified patients.  Reference: “Resolution in Support of Access to Medical-Use Marijuana,” adopted by the Public Policy Committee of AIDS Action Council: November 15, 1996

AIDS Treatment News “The scientific case for medical [marijuana] use…

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