Letters to an Apathetic Senator from a Veteran of the USMC and Desert Storm.

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My First Letter to Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook (R) Kansas:

Poll: Americans View Cannabis/Marijuana As Less Harmful To Health Than Tobacco, Alcohol, Or Sugar.
Americans believe that consuming cannabis poses less harm to health than does the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or sugar, according to the findings of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released today. With the rise of obesity and Diabetes in Kansas, I would have to agree that sugar kills more people per year! That is just statistical fact! Alcohol and Tobacco, well we really don’t need statistics but, Alcohol kills 88,000 Americans per year.
Marijuana, well in America, the only statistics that can be found are from a man killed smuggling tons of marijuana over the Mexico border. One of the bales of marijuana fell on him and killed him.

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