Pot tax Colorado

Exactly! People are going to contine to use marijuana, just as they used alcohol during the prohibition. Why doesn’t the government accept this, quit filling jails with non-violent offenders and tax/regulate this plant. This plant DOES have medicinal qualities unlike tobacco and alcohol!

End the Drug War in Aotearoa/NZ

I was just reading a newspaper item (online) that says that cannabis sales in Colorado from 59 retail outlets has just recorded $US2million in tax collected, for the month of January. So over a year, it could reasonably be estimated that $24million will be collected. This is ONE state only of 50 in the USA

I look at the issue in Aotearoa/NZ.. where all profits from cannabis go to the black-market, zero tax is collected & $millions of tax money is currently spent on maintaining prohibition !

There are many people asking; ‘why the current draconian/outdated regime is continuing ?’ (even the NZ Law Commission – report in 2011, recommended law reform)
Surely Colorado is on the right track.. the tax collected can be now spent on health care, rehabilitation & drug education, BUT in this country the power-brokers will not remove their blinkers & insist on HARM MAXIMIZATION…

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