What is Depression? How Does Depression Manifest in People? Do People Die From Depression?

Awesome article of course! Written by yours truly, Emery Myers RN.

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What Does the Word Depression Mean to You?

Story dedicated to a bright,kind and beautiful young man…a brother I never got to meet….depression IS a terrible disease! Written by Emery Myers RN, DON-CLTC

The strong hands of depression try to pull you, tug at you incessitantly. It is a minute by minute struggle some days. The resinous, sticky hands of depression try to pull you, tug at you incessantly. It is a minute-by- minute struggle some days and when it kidnaps you…you are a slave to it.

Do you feel, it is a real diagnosis? You would be surprised how many physicians don’t. Some physicians call it a “trash can diagnosis“. I know this because I am a registered nurse, that has practiced in a hospital psychiatric setting. I have personally observed Psychiatrists speak this way…maybe a way of them protecting themselves, from the 1 of every 10 depressed patients, they will read about in the local obituary.

I saw the devastating effects of depression, such as…

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