MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Facts and Fictions in Kansas.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Peer-reviewed, scientific approach to a HIGHLY POLITICAL ISSUE.

Written by Emery Myers

Medical Marijuana is a popular subject in today’s medical and political world. It is hotly debated in most states. Several states have completely legalized Marijuana for recreational and medical use. These states, Colorado and Washington, have already seen millions of tax dollars from the sale of this plant. The states are planning to use the new revenue to improve public schools and for educational programs, such as drug education. The states have many other uses planned with the new revenue stream. Many Americans use marijuana regardless of the law and end up costing the states many millions of dollars for incarceration. Incarceration for petty, non-violent “drug” offenders. 

The United States has classified Marijuana in the same category as man-made drugs such as LSD, MDMA and Heroin. If it is so dangerous, where are all the stories…

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