“Shoot The Zombie In Head”; A Love Lesson Learned from The Walking Dead

Zombies are everywhere!

This Is Moscato Life

Exes are like zombies. They are shells of their former selves. They’ve proven they don’t mean you any good and they could care less about your wants and needs. Yet, you still allow them to come into your life and wreak havoc , with only hopes and wishes as collateral, that “this time will be different.” But it’s never different. It’s the same (or worst) level of foolishness and all you get in the end is more emotional baggage to carry.

This is where the Walking Dead teaches us how to deal with these individuals. Simply “shoot them in the head” and move on.  (Disclaimer: When I say “shoot them in the head,” I don’t mean, “go out and literally shoot your ex in the head. “Shoot them in the head” is a metaphor for taking away the role they play in your everyday life.) Until you ‘shoot them in…

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