The Ecological State of Butterflies in High Definition! HD Life!

Beautiful nature in HD. Endangered and In Danger! Enjoy these beautiful images! We enjoy your company...Keep coming back!

Beauty is everywhere and nowhere, depending if our eyes are closed to the world, or wide-open, focused on our Planet! Our eyes are evolving to see only LCD screens! Real HD is simply, observing nature with your own two specially evolved eye balls!

Most of us walk around, blind to the specks of brilliance, all over our little worlds. Fluorescent lighting and computer screens have desensitized our visual acuity! We take for granted, which evolution and survival gave us… The most beautiful organs, the windows to the human psyche, the perfect, stunning human eyes! We think our natural world will always be there…BUT…at present, climate change and deforestation of the South American Rain-forests threaten many species and have already eradicated many other species!

Just because we can’t see South America and the Amazon from here, doesn’t mean we aren’t responsible. Sarah Palin may be able to see Russia from her…

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