Heroin Happy Meal – Drug Dealer Gets Creative.

Just Plain Bizarre!


Heroin Happy Meal- Drug Dealer Gets Creative

Heroin Happy Meal- Drug Dealer Gets Creative

McDonalds worker ShanTia Denni was arrested for dealing heroin. The shocking part of this story is the method in which she was dealing the drug. District Attorney Narcotics Enforcement received information that Denni was dealing drugs through Happy Meals at the McDonalds where she worked.

According to investigators, Denni would sell heroin through the drive thru to customers who said, “I’d like to order a toy.” That phrase was the code word for buying heroin and it is unknown exactly how many people Denni was dealing to through the drive thru.

Denni was arrested on Wednesday night but denied the allegations. Iftikhar Malik owns the franchise where the heroin deals occurred. He also owns another McDonalds a few miles away, where another employee was caught dealing drugs earlier this month. Investigators do not think the McDonalds franchise owner was aware of Denni’s drug…

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