Insane Pieces of Art! Aggresive Artiststry Shoved Down Your Throat!

Bad Ass! We enjoy your company...Keep coming back!

Insane Pieces of Art! aggressive artistry Shoved Down Your Throat!

I don’t know the name of the artist and I am glad I don’t. I like to think their art explains who they, the artists, are! This image portrays a strong, sexual person to me. I feel confused by the picture! It makes me think and feel, though not necessarily all positive, it does force me to feel…very conflicted and a little violated!

What else can be said for Angiospermae Insane? The image is awesome. Not much more to say. Enjoy!

Nature always has the finest canvas! Nature supplies all of the elements needed for the perfect painting! This picture is worth millions of words! What else can I possibly say?

This has got to be one of the most awesome tattoos in the world! Enough said!

This is an actual person! Art takes many shapes, forms and dimensions!

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