Bizzare, Disturbing, Inappropriate, Ugly, Beautiful, Funny? You decide!

Beautifully Bizarre Nature as You’ve Never Seen It!

Our first visual observation, forming our first impression, is so deceiving. Whatever the very first visual encounter, it sticks in our brain…and we relate back to that first image, no matter how disturbed or incorrect the original memory is.

So, is this natural glacier cave an inappropriate photo? Is it a pornographic image? What was the first image to streak across your intricate brain?

Is this picture of two bloodied, injured human beings less offensive than the first image I showed you? This is modern-day gladiators and we are modern-day rome…our bellies are full, and our homes all have at least 2 bathrooms. This picture is more accepted than the first picture. That is just a fact. I happen to find the first picture beautiful in a multitude of ways! I find absolutely nothing offensive about the first photo.

I find the second photo proof that we are not winning…

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