Mr. Darwin I Presume…

Mr. Darwin I Presume...

Charles Darwin still causes riffles in the water to this very day! His brilliance and contribution to the scientific world are priceless…invaluable!

I am a huge fan of Mr. Darwin. I feel as though, he should be taught in the classrooms!

I’ve seen the argument…Intelligent Design??? Religion, of course, came up with these 2 catchy words. Religion is good at coming up with catchy words! Religion continues to battle science and vice-versa.

In order for Human Beings to evolve further…to embrace nature and evolve with it…Humans will need to put magic on the back burner and embrace science as religion!

Humans will HAVE to quit relying on fossil fuels and turn to clean energy…organic foods…much less waste…Humans will have to utilize science and engineering, in order to survive…to evolve!


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