Hummingbirds:’s Spectacular Hummingbirds!

Hummingbirds:’s Spectacular Hummingbirds!

This must be the species!

At we appreciate all shapes and sizes…but this amazing picture of a Hummingbird feeding off the sweet cannabis nectar is PICTURE PERFECT BEAUTY!

There is just something magical about hummingbirds. The picture above is another beautiful example of nature at it’s best. The hummingbird is feeding off the sweet nectar of a Cannabis plant. Maybe this is a Northern California hummingbird! The picture above captures the delicate balances in nature. It’s hard to even fathom, that the gorgeous plant the hummingbird is suckling from, is in the same class as Heroin and LSD! The plant is of the Cannabis family and is currently listed as a SCHEDULE 1 drug, which means thegovernment’s stance is that Cannabis has “no accepted medical use“.

The one thing I know for sure…I trust nature and science much more than politicians and all of the “laws” that supposedly protect us…from…well, us, I guess. I guess the 40-year-old “War on Drugs” is actually working, according to the government. I praise the states that have rejected this outdated and completely inaccurate classification of the Cannabis plant. Eradication of a plant will also change other ecological factors, such as the hummingbird’s annual migration routes and hummingbird’s numbers. There are also many other species that are affected…honey bees are in grave danger in the U.S. This is a huge deal for our delicate eco-system.

Beautiful Cannabis Plant

What hummingbird would pass a beautiful flower like this by?

Just this last summer, I had a female, Ruby-Throated hummingbird that took up residence in my backyard. She was attracted to a very large, Orange Trumpet Vine, that we have growing along our old, wooden, privacy fence. She would chase off butterflies, moths and other birds that came near her Orange Trumpet Vine even though some of the moths were even bigger than she was!  She would perch on the same tiny branch every day, feeding off and on throughout the day, starting at dawn and ending late in the evening as the sun shared its last life-giving rays of warmth for our little spot on this planet! She and I became good friends. My wife and kids teased me daily asking “have you seen your little girlfriend yet?” She left at the end of September. I hope to see her again this spring! Many times the Ruby Throated hummingbirds will return to the same locations!

Beautiful Shades of Purple and Green

This picture is such a wonderful illustration of nature as art. This is art at its finest!

Flowering Cannabis Nurturing the Hummingbird.

This is another fine example of nature’s vital relationships…many times, in nature, one biological entity needs another to co-exist.

Hummingbird Brand Cannabis Nectar

Where are all the dead hummingbirds? If Cannabis kills, mutilates, turns people crazy, lazy and dumb, how do we explain the tiny hummingbird? The truth is…cannabis is a safer medication than many over-the-counter medications sold today. Cannabis used to be a standard medical treatment prior to the 1930s!

This is an absolutely magnificent plant!

This plant is as vibrant and colorful as the hummingbirds that it attracts. This is a strain of Cannabis. The aesthetics of this particular strain make it the “Mona Lisa” of plants

Nature should not be illegal. We need to restore the balance and keep the hummingbirds buzzing! We cannot eradicate everything that is a challenge. Colorado seems to be proving that ending prohibition on a plant is a win-win scenario!

I hope you enjoyed the beauty of nature. I’ll leave you with one last image…

Nature Needs Saved!

In order to preserve nature, we have to be active and contact our elected officials. Save Nature. Nature is ART and we all know, art is the answer…art is a life well lived…art saves!

Written by Emery Myers


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